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Land your next 
Executive Job


Firebird is a proprietary step-by-step program combined with a powerful search management platform dedicated to executives

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Firebird manages
all your
executive search

in one place

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Easily import and manage your contacts

Grow and deepen your network

Keep track of touchpoints and follow-ups

Briefing guides & check lists

Self-evaluation templates

Action Plans

Daily objectives and task reminders

Keep track of your progress

Personal stats to keep you engaged

Templates for resume, mails, etc.

Personalize your outreaches

Scripts for every type of interview

Firebird helps you expand and leverage your network, market yourself and ace your interviews, all in one place. 

Did you know that?


of jobs are filled via networking


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Looking for an executive role is hard...

The search process is stressful

  • You're not sure how to get started

  • Executive Positions are rarely posted


Managing your time is hard

  • Too much admin activities (emails, follow-ups...)

  • Hard to monitor progress and stick to your deadlines 

…and the financial stress of actual or potential unemployment grows every day...

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… How about one simple service to…

Stay positive:

  • Step by step fun program, at your own pace

  • Weekly progress and readiness feedback

Stay organized & productive:

  • Daily ‘To Do’ plan and detailed activities

  • Easy to use tools and templates to save you time

Firebird gets you hired faster, higher, stronger!

Get to your next position
FASTER, reach HIGHER levels and feel STRONGER when you start your new job.


Register to Firebird Beta and get

Limited places available

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