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Firebird is a workplace web app which guides executives through their job search from launching their search to signing an offer. Firebird provides a detailed program covering all the preparation activities you need to perform, and a powerful set of modules to organize your daily work, all of this while keeping you motivated and positive so you can be your best in front of recruiters.

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Our Story

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Firebird was born from the experience of a few senior executives going through the process of finding their next big role. They found that to be successful, they had to follow a strict preparation program without cutting corners, and that uncovering job opportunities which were often not posted required a lot of networking, outreach, and follow-up.
They shared their approach and methodologies and eventually built a set of rudimentary tools to help them be more efficient. As their search activities developed and the volume of contacts and interactions grew, they refined their tools and started to document their program.
And when they landed their next role, they committed to start
Firebird, a powerful solution combining a search program and productivity tools to help executives land their next job faster, reach higher-level roles, and stay positive during their search to start their new role stronger.

"Executives deserve a better solution than LinkedIn articles, spreadsheets and an email client when looking for their next role"

Karim El Naggar - Founder of Firebird

Executives looking for a job all say it’s really hard, especially if you’re unemployed: The process is long -6-12 months - and stressful. It’s tough to get started, and it’s draining to keep going every day. The admin side is inefficient. They feel guilty about the lack of progress - which is hard to measure anyway - and worry about the daily loss of income By providing guidance and structure, driving efficiency in search activities and by keeping execs motivated, Firebird shortens their search process, gets them more job offers and helps them land their next big role faster.

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Karim El Naggar: Senior Executive and Entrepreneur with 15+ years of general management experience in software and technology.

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David Chapon: Accomplished COO/ CMO / CDO with 20+ years of experience in digital innovation, 360° and digital marketing, business development and partnerships.


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Firebird is designed for executives by executives. Our founders have years of experience at the executive and C-suite level in both large corporations and startups. They switched companies and industries multiple times and experienced the challenge of successfully transitioning roles first hand.

Get to know us and join our team !

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