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daily plan
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Search program

  • This tool is your dashboard. You will find a step-by-step guide for each phase of your executive search

  • We created useful resources to make sure you've defined clearly your objectives, prepared your resume and social media profile, created your elevator pitch, etc.

  • You can track your activities to make sure you're not missing anything, and also benefit from informative and motivational video content

Stay Organized, Motivated & Positive

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Daily Plan

  • Your daily tasks tracker will help you stay on track and balance your outreach follow-up, and interview preparation

  • You will have access to you statistics regarding your executive job search progress​​​

  • You will have the opportunity to customize your own schedule to fit your timeline for landing your next executive role FASTER, HIGHER, and STRONGER !

Stay on track and measure your progress 

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Customizable Templates

  • Build reusable content such as your positioning, achievements, aspirations, key stories which you can reuse easily in your outreach

  • Prepare templates for emails & LinkedIn inmails for every situation

  • Organize presentation scripts for every interview type

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Network building

  • With this tool, you can easily import your contacts (in bulk, selectively, or from LinkedIn)

  • You can grow your network and qualify your contacts to identify the next steps and generate new opportunities for your career

  • Network building is also about tracking the history of your messages. You'll have the opportunity to create touchpoint and set actions for every contact.

Grow and strengthen your network
to uncover executive roles

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outreac managemet
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Outreach management

  • You can track your email, LinkedIn invites, and email historic directly from Firebird's platform

  • You'll have the possibility to schedule reminders for follow-ups to always stay in the recruiter's mind

  • This tool allows you to build highly tailored emails easily by using our customized templates

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Maximize efficiency of LinkedIn and emails

Use powerful and customized content
for every interaction

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Customizable Templates

  • Strengthen your personal branding with our designed content for your positioning, storytelling, elevator pitch, and more!

  • We created templates for your emails, inmails (LinkedIn) for every situation you'll go through during your job search

  • You'll also benefit from presentation scripts organized for every type of interview

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Use powerful and customized content
for every interaction

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Interview preparation

  • Your subscription grants you access to Firebird's preparation guides and checklists dedicated to executives

  • You can organize your background research, use our scripts, and key interview objectives during your executive career search

  • Thanks to this tool you'll be able to capture interview notes directly in one of your contact card, set next steps and follow-up actions

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Reduce stress and improve outcomes
with better preparation

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Register now and get
1-year subscription for free

Limited places available

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